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Why Sponsor, Partner or Advertise?


We know you offer valuable products and services. We know that your clients benefit from your unique offer that your competitor’s don’t have. But do your potential customers know that? Your customers' needs change constantly. Research shows a rise in online radio listenership and online streaming, in general. So like all successful businesses, to stay top-of-mind you should be speaking to that audience every day.

Revenue. Big businesses didn’t get big by staying quiet. They did it through strategic alignment for consistent advertising.  Kerry Sullivan, the vice president of marketing for Johnson & Johnson Consumer’s skin health business highlights: “Today’s personalized digital marketing solutions provide the ability to engage consumers in a highly relevant and organic way with a message that matters to them.”


Recruit. There are plenty of new customers out there. The problem is, with so many other businesses targeting the same people, how do you compete? A whopping 67% of americans - monthly - ages 12+ have listened to online radio monthly according to Edison Research and Triton Digital, “The Infinite Dial 2019”. Heavy Radio listeners are reportedly more likely to have connected their phones in their cars in order to listen to online audio by 44% in 2018, while 33% overall listens to online radio.


Recognition. How do you get people to like you? Advertising can help you deliver a positive brand image to consumers. “We had a hypothesis that increased relevance would lead to increased sales, so it was important for us to define what we wanted to learn and have the data to prove it,” said Christine Potter, senior vice president, group partner at J3.

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